Food Machine Instructions

Food machines are inherently dangerous: Heat, Sharp Blades and Electric Components!


  1. The first step is to pre-heat the kettle. Turn on the agitator (kettle motor) and the heat switch (if separate) and allow it to heat up for 5 minutes. This is only for the first batch. For the following batches skip this step.

  2. Turn off the agitator for a moment to pour in the oil and then immediately turn the agitator back on. Allow the oil to heat up for 1-2 minutes.

  3. Turn off the agitator again to pour in the kernels and then immediately turn the agitator back on. After the popping begins listen for it to slow down. When the popping slows to the point where there is 3-4 seconds between pops it is time to turn the agitator off and dump the popcorn from the kettle.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until finished. When you are done popping turn off the agitator and the heat switch (if separate.) If you wait more than 10 minutes between batches you will have to start with step 1 again.


  1. Turn on the motor and heat switches. Allow the machine to heat up for 5 minutes. From this point you will leave the heat switch on until you are done making cotton candy.

  2. Turn off the motor and when the head stops spinning pour in the floss sugar to the top of the fill line inside the head (about 1/4 cup.)

  3. Turn the motor back on and the cotton will immediately start flowing. Use one of the paper sticks provided to collect the cotton by holding it upside down in the bowl about an inch from the bottom and close to the outer wall. Run the stick around the bowl counter clockwise until it has enough cotton stuck to it. Repeat with another stick until done.

  4. When the cotton stops flowing you simply repeat steps 2 and 3.

  5. When you are done shut off the motor and heat switches. If more than 5 minutes goes by between batches you will need to start with step 1 again.

SNO-CONES    *You will need approx 30lbs of ice cubes to make 50 sno-cones

  1. Turn on the power switch.

  2. Fill the hopper with ice cubes and close the hopper door.

  3. Place a bowl in the machine under the hopper and while applying gentle downward pressure to the hopper handle press the button to activate the grinder motor. Repeat until the desired amount of shaved ice is produced.

  4. Fill one of the paper cones provided with the shaved ice and then use one of the squeeze bottles of flavored syrup supplied to pour about 1/2 oz of syrup over the top of the sno-cone.

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