Rental Policies

AREAS WE COVER Our central location in the heart of Palm Beach County allows us to service a large area that extends from Boca Raton to Jupiter and the Western Communities including Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee and The Acreage. Within this area all of our products are available for delivery with no delivery charge for the first 7 miles, then $2.00 per mile thereafter. We have a minimum order amount for all delivered orders which is just $125 in most cities, not including sales tax. We will, at our discretion, service other areas from time to time if we can do so without disrupting service to our normal area of coverage.
At the time a reservation is set, a deposit (usually $50, although it may be higher depending on the total dollar amount of your order) will be taken by credit card or cash. This deposit is deducted from your balance, which is due at the time of delivery, and prior to the equipment being set up. If you have to cancel an event we require at least 8 days notice. Upon timely notification of cancellation the deposit will be returned to you in its entirety. If notice of cancellation is made between 2-7 days before the event, the deposit will not be returned, but instead will be regarded as an in house credit with Palm Beach Party And Bounce that will remain valid for one year from the date of the cancelled reservation. A cancellation made with less than 2 days notice will result in forfeiture of the deposit. The only exception to the 2 day rule is a weather related cancellation that is made before final payment is made and equipment is set up. A weather related cancellation can be triggered by the presence of, or the predicted high probability of, high winds (above 15MPH), lightning and/or driving rains.
FORMS OF PAYMENT Deposits can be made in the form of cash or credit card at the time a reservation is set. The entire balance is always due at delivery when our truck arrives. We cannot unload our truck until the bill is settled so we always ask our customers to please have your payment ready, in cash, for the driver when he arrives and please remember that our drivers do not carry change so please have the exact amount due. Credit cards are not accepted as a form of payment at delivery, only cash is. If you are a corporate entity or school that can only pay by credit card we ask you to make the appropriate arrangement with our office at least 3 days prior to the event. Final payments made by credit card are subject to a 3% convenience fee. We do not accept personal checks under any circumstance. We do however accept checks from government agencies and public schools and, at our discretion, from local businesses that we have an established relationship with.
All of our inflatables have safety rules printed on them in a conspicuous place. You are obliged to read and follow all rules and regulations. Failure to follow these rules can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment which you will be liable for.
All inflatables must be secured to the ground. If the set up is on grass we will drive stakes into the ground and it is the customer's responsibility to be aware of, and inform our driver of, any irrigation pipes that are in the area. We are not responsible for anything a stake may hit when driven into the ground where the customer has directed us to set up. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE our customers to stay with our crew during the set up process and inform them if they are driving stakes into a part of the ground where you think irrigation pipes may be. When we set up on concrete we will either need to tie the unit to something immovable (tree, house, car, fence, etc.) and/or under certain circumstances use sandbags to weigh the inflatable down. If an inflatable is set up indoors no tie downs, stakes or weights are required.
Inflatables are very heavy and require special dollies to move them. In order to set up your inflatable we need to be informed if the driver will be navigating through any gate or walkway less than 4 feet wide. Also, please be aware that we cannot move inflatables up or down steps or up or down a steep incline.
It is your responsibility to provide a smooth, level surface (see Surface Options below) for us to set up your inflatable. Every unit on our website lists the minimum required space needed to safely set up your unit. By renting the inflatable you are implying that you are absolutely certain you have the required space. If we arrive and find the space is not large enough to set up your inflatable we will work with you to find a more suitable set up spot AT THE SAME LOCATION. If you need to move your party somewhere else due to not having a large enough space you will be charged an additional fee to cover the additional workload and we will do our best to set up at your new location as quickly as possible but we cannot let a situation such as this affect the delivery time of the customers our truck has scheduled after your delivery.
The best option for setting up an inflatable is always grass. We can however set up on other surfaces if grass is not possible. The acceptable alternative surfaces are dirt and concrete. If this is the case, please tell us when you place your reservation so that we can have the driver bring tarps which will be placed under the inflatable to protect it.
Under no circumstances can an inflatable ever be set up on rocks, sand or mulch. These types of surfaces are extremely damaging to inflatables.
When selecting an area for your inflatable please inspect the ground and remove any rocks, twigs,dog poop, etc. Our drivers are trained to scout the grounds prior to set up and will ask you to remove any such items if spotted.
Should I cut the grass before you arrive? We get asked this one all the time. The answer is "Yes" but please cut the grass AT LEAST 3 days before we arrive. If you cut it right before we get there the inflatable will get filled with clippings which means your children and guests will get covered with clippings as well. This is a common mistake that well-intentioned people make!
Every unit on our website tells you exactly how many Blower Motors are going to be used to operate it. It is completely the customer's responsibility to provide ample electric service. For each Blower Motor at your event you will need a dedicated 20AMP circuit to run it. The Blower Motors draw anywhere from 8-14 amps but if you try to run 2 off the same circuit you will most likely spend the day resetting your circuit breaker which will cause the inflatable to go up and down. This requirement often necessitates running cords to different parts of your home in order to locate outlets which are not sharing a common breaker. Our drivers will help in this process but it is ultimately up to you, the customer, to ensure ample service is available. Large events with multiple units often require a number of the Blower Motors to be run off of a generator, which we also rent for a reasonable fee.
PROXIMITY is an important factor regarding electric requirements and selecting the set up location for your inflatable. Each Blower Motor must be within 50 feet of the source of electricity, whether it be an outlet or a generator.
Our water slides have sprinkler hoses built into them and part of our delivery and set up service is the connecting of water to these units. We do not provide water hoses. What this means is that wherever you tell us to set up your water slide, you must have a garden hose that will reach that spot. Additionally please keep in mind that units that have pools require the pool to be filled half way before taking the hose and connecting it to the sprinkler hose. If this is the case our driver will show you where to make the final attachment after the pool has filled half way. It often takes more than an hour to fill the pool half way and our driver cannot wait for that to finish before moving on to his next delivery.
Never fill a pool more than half way (to keep it from overflowing) and always turn the water pressure down as far as you can after attaching the sprinkler hose. All you need is enough water to keep the slide slick, you're not trying to create a river! If you follow the above guidelines you will actually use far less water than you probably anticipated and the pool will not overflow during your event.
Having your party at a public park is a great alternative if you don't have a lot of space in your yard. We have the requisite licenses and insurance to set up an inflatable at every municipal park within our area of coverage. When having a party at a park it must be at a rented pavilion or at a first come, first serve, (free) pavilion at a park with an explicit policy allowing inflatables from licensed vendors. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to secure the pavilion and we will send our insurance and/or request the vendor pass from the administrating entity. We are not allowed to set up in a field at the park. All parks are administered by a municipality or a private entity (like an HOA) and we will only set up in compliance with the verified rules established by the administering entity.
All parks have unique rules and restrictions. Even different parks that are all administered by the same body (county or city government) will often have rules for one park that may not apply to another. It is entirely the responsibility of the customer to speak with representatives from the park to ensure they allow the equipment you are renting from us. We know most of the rules for most of the parks but we assume zero responsibility for equipment or services rendered that is subsequently cancelled at the event due to a park representative determining that such equipment or services violate a park rule. If this happens you will not be entitled to a refund.
Some parks provide electricity but rarely is it enough to support an inflatable. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU RENT SUFFICIENT GENERATOR(S) to run all of the equipment at your party. We will never insist a generator is rented from us. If you have one or if you prefer to rent one elsewhere that is sufficient to run our equipment we will gladly plug into it HOWEVER, it is completely your responsibility to ensure the generator runs properly, has gasoline (or diesel), and is rated high enough to work. We cannot assume any responsibility for your generator and you will also be responsible for ensuring the park allows an individual (as opposed to us, the vendor) to provide the generator. Please be aware that generators are not a profit center for us. We look at them as a pass through and the cost of renting a generator from us covers the gasoline and depreciation of the machine. Our rental cost is almost always lower than you will find for a comparable generator from local equipment rental businesses or home centers.
If you decline a generator from us and your own generator does not work properly we will not send our truck back to the warehouse to pick one up and add it to your order. This would cause the driver on other deliveries to be late. If this unfortunate scenario were to occur we would do our best to work with you but ultimately it would be up to you to source another generator and this would not be cause for a refund. Again, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND renting a generator from us if you're having your party in a park.
There are a few parks (but really not many) that have water hook-ups and allow water slides. This is not common but if you have your event at one of these parks we are happy to set up our water slide for you there with the same rules as mentioned in the Water Requirements section above, we don't provide garden hoses. You will be responsible for providing a hose that reaches the spot where you tell us to set up the inflatable.
ATTENDANTS: Certain parks and organizations require the presence of an Attendant to be provided by the vendor (us) if you have an inflatable at your event. This is not our requirement but we must comply and you will be charged a nominal fee for this service. As with the generators, we do not regard this as a profit center. This is an ancillary service that we are required to provide in order to allow the inflatable rental to take place. This attendant service is an hourly rate which covers the cost of our employee.
We want your party to be a big hit and we have just a few common sense pointers to ensure a great time is had by all. Read and follow all of the items above and call the office if there's anything you're not sure about. And always remember:

(Silly String is Kryptonite to the vinyl that these inflatables are constructed from.)
Any blatant disregard for the above policies, the Common Sense section or the Safety Rules attached to the inflatables may lead to injury, equipment damage, or both!


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